University of Iowa plans Children’s Hospital

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Officials at the University of Iowa moved ahead with the application for a $100 million federal grant that would fund the construction of a new children’s hospital there.
Tom Moore, spokesman for the university, says the grant would pay a major portion of the costs for the hospital. He says the regents of the school recently approved $100 million in construction bonds to apply for the federal grant. If the grant is approved, the university would still need to raise another $50 million to complete the project. The federal grant is available to public research colleges that house medical and dental schools.
Iowa Gov. Chet Culver has written a letter on behalf of the university stating the proposed children’s hospital meets the grant requirements of “providing greater access to healthcare,” and essential to the continued viability of the medical and dental schools.
Moore says the hospital will be constructed whether or not the grant is approved, adding it will provide services that are presently not available to pediatric patients in Iowa. He added that he is not certain when the university will learn if they have been awarded the grant.