Roofing Guard

The Snow Dam by Thybar Corp. helps prevent dangerous avalanches from snow or ice build-up on metal roofs. The patented Snow Dam permits water from melted snow to run-off roofs while safely retaining up to 2,000 lbs. of unmelted snow and ice. The aluminum roofing guard fastens to the standing seam (not to the flat of the roof panel) allowing panels to move with expansion and contraction. Easy to install, the Snow Dam features pre-punched holes for fastening to the standing seam. Tape mastic is used between the Snow Dam’s base and the standing seam to assure a watertight seal. Installation can be done at any time during the life of the roof. The Snow Dam is fabricated from .08-inch aluminum with all welded construction for years of trouble-free service. Units to fit any standing seam configuration and panel width are available and can be painted to match roof panel color.

Thybar Corporation