Digital Light Management Solution

Legrand North America announced a new riser diagram feature for the Wattstopper LMCS (Lighting Management Computer Software) for configuring Digital Lighting Management (DLM) systems. The riser diagrams provide a detailed layout of the lighting control system showing DLM-networked and non-networked devices and connections floor by floor. This feature makes preparing project submittals and quotes easier for designers and technicians, and makes working with larger systems more effective. The LMCS software simplifies project design and start-up and provides industry professionals with important commissioning documentation, including LEED projects. As each LMCS file contains information about every DLM device, project designers can use that information to create a one-line diagram that shows every DLM device in every room on every DLM segment. Segment wire to front end hardware will also be shown.

Legrand North America