Classroom Seating

Flexible classrooms require more options for flexible active seating. Smith System is answering the call by introducing oodle, a contemporary, new K-12 stool line that meets a range of alternative seating needs. Foremost, oodle is the education industry’s first stackable stool that offers two-in-one seating: stationary or 10-degrees of multidirectional “wiggle.” The basic oodle features three disc-shaped components, each 17 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches high. Teachers can assist students in using the sections individually or in stacking them higher. Additionally, by simply flipping a separate, floor-facing disc insert 180 degrees, students can sit still (the insert’s flat side) or enjoy 10 degrees of multi-directional rocking motion (the insert’s convex side). Research shows that active seating – seating that gently moves with the student – improves focus by giving them a healthy way to channel excess energy.

Smith System