Active Charging Solution

Powering classrooms and offices to meet today’s technology demand is often the biggest challenge for facilities. Enter Juice Mobile Power an Active Charging solution from Bretford Manufacturing Inc. This category-creating mobile power system, with proprietary FLI Charge technology, changes the game for IT and facility managers by delivering a safe, effective, flexible way to turn a single outlet into a power source for the entire classroom or office at a fraction of the cost of a retrofit. Juice Mobile Power eliminates the tangled web of non-compliant, overloaded extensions cords, with a flexible solution that moves and adapts with you. Delivering safe DC power in a lightweight, portable track and pod system, it can be set up in any space that has a traditional three-pronged electrical outlet and can fit any room configuration. Available in early 2018, the Juice Mobile Power starter kit includes a compact base, a 12-foot track, two pods and a backpack carrying case. Additional tracks and pods can be added to the starter kit to accommodate larger groups and spaces.

Bretford Manufacturing Inc.