Exterior Cladding

DuPont Protection Solutions introduced its newest product offering in North America: DuPont Corian Exterior Cladding. Architects who want to make a timeless design statement can now turn to Corian Exterior Cladding for their next project. In addition to durability, beauty and longevity, Corian enables monolithic design, unique patterns and lighting effects uncommon in standard exterior façade materials. Corian Exterior Cladding is now available in 15 UV stable colors with excellent colorfastness. The offering also provides weatherability benefits, including high-performance durability through its great resistance to impact, humidity and fungi — making it an excellent choice for ventilated façade construction. The lightweight material allows for reduced structural load while having the tensile strength to provide resistance against wind loads and being compatible with typical building components. In addition, Corian Exterior Cladding has proven to be a low-maintenance solution over time. Even if covered with difficult dirt or graffiti, the panels can be restored to their original appearance through cleaning and sanding.