Marilyn Denison

Marilyn Denison, Ed.D., has joined DLR Group, a national architecture firm, to lead planning efforts and expand the firm’s educational services provided to clients. She will collaborate with K-12 education experts to lead visioning exercises, establish the client’s why or guiding purpose, and then develop guiding principles to achieve this purpose. She will bridge curriculum and facilities throughout the design process to ensure a holistic approach is delivered. Denison brings a unique perspective to DLR Group, having served as an educator and district administrator for more than two decades. Her experience includes leading campus planning, professional learning and developing curriculum for districts that serve 12,000 to 38,000 students. In addition, Denison has opened multiple new campuses with innovative learning environments. She will bring this experience of building a team, creating a new culture and forming teacher mindsets around new behaviors in new facilities to DLR Group clients.