Wireless Dynamics Cart

Vernier Software & Technology recently launched the new Go Direct Sensor Cart for middle school, high school and college physics students. The wireless dynamics cart allows students to easily explore force, position, velocity and acceleration using Bluetooth wireless technology. Go Direct Sensor Cart can be used for hands-on kinematics and dynamics demonstrations, but the built-in sensors can also be used independently. An encoder wheel reports position, velocity and acceleration. Additional features include mass trays for adding mass, a plunger for collision and impulse studies, low-friction wheels for uniform motion, and exchangeable magnetic and hook-and-pile inserts for elastic and inelastic collisions. The Go Direct family of sensors offers teachers and students maximum versatility to collect scientific data either wirelessly or via a USB connection. These low-cost sensors are designed for chemistry, biology, physics and more, and can be used in teacher-tested experiments developed by Vernier. They are supported by a free graphing and analysis app, Graphical Analysis 4.

Vernier Software & Technology