Ballistic-Resistant Classroom Whiteboards

Whiteboard manufacturer EVERWhite has introduced MOBILEGuard ballistic resistant whiteboard panels intended to provide a shelter-in-place solution during active-shooter incidents in schools, businesses and other places, while providing daily use of the panels’ double-sided dry-erase surfaces. MOBILEGuard panels come in heights of 78 inches and 54 inches. Through a common pin-hinge system, panels of the same or different heights can be securely connected and positioned at a wide variety of angles to create a shelter ideal for any room. The panels come with lockable casters or stationary bases. Ballistic protection extends to within 0.6 inch of the floor, and has been designed to meet the Level III criteria of the National Institute of Justice. Magnetic whiteboard surfaces are standard, but cork is an optional surface, with cork available in 15 colors. EVERWhite guarantees that its whiteboard surfaces will not stain or ghost for a lifetime. EVERWhite manufactures MOBILEGuard in metropolitan Milwaukee.