Rubber Floor Covering

nora systems, Inc. recently relaunched norament grano, a premium rubber floor covering that brings the classic tradition of Italian terrazzo tiles to interior spaces.

norament grano offers a redesigned pallet of 32 new colors with a harmonious balance of base shades and color-accentuated granules. This granular-rich design and the floor’s hammered surface make norament grano an option for hard-working spaces and high-traffic areas without sacrificing style. Uniting modern performance with time-honored style, norament grano is a versatile floor covering with an uncoated surface that reduces maintenance costs and increases value throughout its lifecycle. In addition, the floor delivers ergonomic and acoustic advantages to create quiet, comfortable indoor spaces. Like all nora floor coverings, norament grano coordinates with other products in the nora portfolio of more than 300 standard colors and patterns to create a coordinated look throughout any facility.