Remote Saskatchewan Locale Plans New K-12 School

By Lisa Kopochinski

CARROT RIVER, Sask. —Plans are starting to take form for a new K-12 school to be built in Carrot River that will replace and consolidate the existing Carrot River Elementary and High School.

The new $21 million project in this remote location will be able accommodate up to 400 K-12 students. The new consolidated school will be built around the Junior and Senior high school gym that was built as an addition in 2005. The high school will be demolished once the consolidated school is built. Rempel said Carrot River Elementary School’s building could be repurposed if the town or other partners are interested.

“This is the first new school construction in Carrot River in more than 40 years and this new school will provide a modern, safe and welcoming learning environment for students and staff of this community for years to come,” said Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. “It is important that we continue to invest in education infrastructure around the province to aid in our economic recovery and plan for the future of our growing province.”

Premier Moe added that the province’s criteria for school rebuilds includes the school’s age, the quality of the facility, student population, and projections for future student populations.

“[Carrot River is] a thriving community. We’ve had lots of great academic and athletic success come out of Carrot River. This community is going to have a school for the long-term. It’s a great facility, well deserved by the kids in the community of Carrot River going forward.”

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021, with completion expected by 2022. An architect and general contractor have not yet been announced.

Since 2007, the Government of Saskatchewan has committed approximately $1.9 billion towards school infrastructure projects, including 57 new or replacement schools as well as 28 major renovations.