Rotating the Curriculum

WASILLA, Alaska — It’s no secret that over the past decade the cost of heating fuel has increased dramatically — and nowhere has it been more of a challenge than in cash-strapped schools across the United States.
This cost increase has had some school districts to turning to “heat destratification” as a way of improving heating system efficiency while maintaining student comfort throughout the winter.

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ISU Expansion Awarded Platinum Certification

AMES, Iowa — The King Pavilion addition to the Iowa State University College of Design was awarded LEED Platinum certification, marking the first higher education facility in the state to reach the pinnacle of the LEED system.
The $6.6 million, 27,735-square-foot facility houses instructional studios used by freshman and sophomores enrolled in architecture, landscape architecture and interior design.
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Green School Retrofits

Sometimes the Greenest School is the One You Already Have

Just because you aren’t building green schools doesn’t mean you can’t make an existing school facility green.

Green schools don’t have to be new schools. By improving the operational efficiency and environmental performance of existing facilities, you can make the most of your school buildings and ensure that every student, teacher and staff member in your district can enjoy the health and performance benefits of a green school.

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