Product of the Month M/A 06 – Dormitory Locks

Saflok introduces its InSync electronic lock series and SAM RF software, which the company says is ideal for student housing. The locks control suite, bedroom, perimeter and all common area access. Through the application of proximity technology, the lock and the RF key communicate via encrypted radio frequency waves.

The locks and software provide complete key control to the property manager. The RF key automatically invalidates and cancels out the old or lost key the moment it is inserted into the lock.

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Wall Mount Air Conditioner

The Bard “S” series is a wall-mounted air conditioner that features a multi-step capacity compressor with green refrigerant R410A. The air conditioner is suited for new construction, modular applications, school modernization and telecommunication structures.

Air conditioners are available in 3 to 5 ton with EER ratings up to 11.7 and integrated part load value efficiency up to 15.2 Btu/Watt. Additional product features include ECM indoor blower motor, dual pressure controls, compressor control module, and step-capacity scroll compressor.

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Classroom Sink/Drinking Fountain

The Haws Corporation’s Model 5054EG Deck Mounted Sanitary Drinking Faucet uses the patented EnviroGard bubbler head with its popular classroom sink configuration. The Haws EnviroGard shielded bubbler design protects the bubbler from contamination when the utility faucet is used through the use of a water pressure-operated shield that encases the bubbler head when not in use.

The faucet retains the same design and installation specifics of past models, including a polished, chrome-plated lever handle bubbler valve and a self-contained, integral stream flow regulator.

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Sheet Membrane Waterproofing Systems

Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Inc., a manufacturer of waterproofing products, offers CCW MiraDRI 860/861 self-adhering sheet membranes, which provide a waterproofing barrier for below-grade applications. The membranes can be applied both vertically and horizontally on below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, split slabs, plaza decks and parking decks.

The material is available in summer grade and winter grade.

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Recessed Lighting

Kramer Lighting’s Square and Rectangular Series recessed luminaires provide optic design and product line depth to satisfy lighting designs, architectural specifications and energy requirements. These specification grade luminaries are available in a variety of compact fluorescent lamps.

Luminaire optical configurations include downlight, lensed downlight, lensed wall wash, cross baffle and lensed cross baffle configurations. Available reflector/cone colors include the standard Kramer colors plus graphite. The standard finish is satin glow clear with low iridescent finish.

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Ceiling Panels

Snowen Mineral Fiber Ceiling Panels from InterSource Specialties Company are suited for commercial environments where acoustical control, economical installation and low maintenance are a priority.

Panels are manufactured from a mineral fiber that is a cotton-like substance that provides sound absorption and high thermal resistance properties. All panels are free from formaldehyde and are available with electronic wave absorbing properties as an option.

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Classroom Management

SMART Technologies Inc. announces the release of version 6.0 SynchronEyes classroom management software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Version 6.0 offers software that has user-friendly capabilities, allowing teachers to monitor each student’s screen individually or many students’ screens (as thumbnails); chat with individuals or groups; block games, applications or the Internet; and lock computers.

The wireless support feature means monitoring students is no longer limited to the classroom. Teachers can now monitor and control students from anywhere on the network.

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