Wellness Divider

Integra Seating is announcing a new Wellness Divider. Designed to divide space between seated guests in waiting rooms, lounges and guest and lobby areas, it can assist in stopping the spread of airborne germs, including the novel coronavirus.

Free-standing at an overall height of 52”, the Wellness Divider combines a clean, minimalist aesthetic and practical functionality for designers and facility managers alike.

The base and upright supports are solid steel with a silver powder coat finish. The divider comes in either a transparent polycarbonate or white HPDE material with eased edges, which brings a soft and unobtrusive appearance. The base and divider can be easily cleaned and sanitized to further mitigate germ transmission. Both divider materials can also be replaced if needed.

Weighing 26 lbs., the Wellness Divider is easy to move, adding to its adaptability and flexible use within a variety of spaces. Its design seamlessly coordinates with Integra’s existing seating products, including the company’s Brighton Chairs, Valayo Chairs, Tide Metal Chairs and several others. The Divider’s clean design allows it to work with other manufacturer seating products as well.

Integra Seating