Millions of Dollars in Grants Secured for Washington State School Districts

SEATTLE — Students in the state of Washington got an extra boost of support from McKinstry, a leader in construction, energy and facility services. The company helped to guide 13, K-12 school districts in Washington to secure more than $9 million in grants in the latest round of the 2012 Jobs Now Act. The Jobs Now Energy Grant, part of the Jobs Now Act, was approved by the Washington State Legislature in April 2012 and helps to fund energy and operational cost-saving improvements in public buildings across the state.

Districts receiving funding from the 2012 Jobs Now Act include:
   • Almira School District: $894,000
   • Brewster School District: $1 million
   • Grand Coulee Dam School District: $484,738
   • Grandview School District: $457,274
   • Kalama School District: $990,169
   • LaCrosse School District: $470,838
   • Mukilteo School District: $532,711
   • North Thurston Public Schools: $254,159
   • Northshore School District: $1 million
   • Ridgefield School District: $761,257
   • Sultan School District: $327,269
   • Thorp School District: $1 million
   • Washougal School District: $911,324

The funding will allow for districts to make improvements to facilities in order to be more energy-efficient and modern, while also improving comfort and security. Combining local funding dollars as well, the $9 million in grants will actually result in more than $17 million in school construction projects for the state of Washington.

“We deeply appreciate McKinstry’s expertise in guiding us through the needs assessment and application process for the Jobs Now Energy Grant,” said Dawn Tarzian, superintendent, Washougal School District. “The award could not have come at a better time as we work to stretch every dollar to serve our students and staff.”

The 2012 Jobs Now Act will announce award winners in two rounds. The first round, which includes the school districts listed above, was announced at the end of November, while the second round of grant recipients will be announced on Feb. 28, 2013.

In order for school districts to receive a portion of the funding, they must adhere to a detailed selection process that requires first an intent to apply, followed by an application, which must be submitted to the deciding committee. For more information on how your Washington state school district can apply, visit the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction:

The districts owe a lot of thanks to McKinstry, who has secured more than $65 million in state grant funding for clients, according to a statement by the company.

“McKinstry is a proud supporter of the Jobs Now Act. It’s important to our company to be a part of a program that helps to create jobs and improve buildings used by hundreds of people every day,” said Dean Allen, CEO of McKinstry.

Many of those in Washington agree, including state representative, Hans Dunshee: “We have an urgent need to put the construction industry back to work. The projects funded by the Jobs Now Act will put people back to work in the hard-hit construction industry, while making our public facilities safer and healthier for people to work and kids to learn.”