L.A. School District to Receive Energy Upgrades

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, alongside partner and global energy management specialist Schneider Electric, recently received the largest funded Proposition 39 allocation to date. Hacienda La Puente USD, the eighth largest district in Los Angeles County, received $5.3 million in approved funding as part of an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) to implement energy efficiency projects at the district’s four comprehensive high schools.

California voters approved Proposition 39 in 2012, closing certain tax loopholes and investing roughly $2.5 billion of that new revenue into energy efficiency improvements to K-12 and community college buildings. Resulting facility improvements across Hacienda La Puente USD will include classroom lighting and occupancy sensor retrofits, LED exterior and gymnasium lighting retrofits, and new heating and cooling systems.

“Among the 1,000 plus school districts in California, we are one of the larger school districts, and one of only 47 districts with an approved Prop 39 plan,” Gino Kwok, board president of Hacienda La Puente USD, said in a release. “We also take pride in knowing that these efficiency improvements will have a life-changing impact on our students, create new local jobs, and have a positive environmental impact. It’s a win-win-win for everyone in the community.”

“When it comes to energy savings, it never pays to wait,” Jordan Lerner, regional director, Schneider Electric, added in a statement. “Hacienda La Puente USD got started early in the process and their proactive efforts resulted in an expedited approval of the largest funded Prop 39 project to date. We commend the district for getting the ball rolling early and look forward to making significant facility improvements that will enhance their learning and working environments.”

According to a release issued by Schneider Electric, the California Energy Commission approved the Proposition 39-funded project for the entire 5-year program. The project is projected to save Hacienda La Puente USD’s four high schools $459,000 annually, or 28 percent of their existing energy bill. Moreover, the district will enjoy a 38 percent electricity savings at these sites, and will stimulate the local job market through a project labor agreement with IBEW.

“In addition to simplifying the entire process, partnering with Schneider Electric allowed us to directly address our most pressing energy efficiency problems through an integrated approach,” Annie Bui, associate superintendent of business services for Hacienda La Puente USD, said in a statement. “We now have a full 5-year energy savings plan that will help maximize every Prop 39 dollar.”