Illinois District Invests in Water Efficiency

PALATINE, Ill. — Plumbing fixtures may not be the first thing on school districts’ minds when it comes to providing a world-class education, but they’re a critical element for keeping schools running smoothly.

Craig Phillips, manager of environmental services for the Community Consolidated School District (CCSD) 15 in Palatine, Ill., oversees the operation and care of all district facilities. The third largest pre-K-8 school district in Illinois, CCSD encompasses 21 buildings across approximately 1.7 million-square-feet.

Among Phillips’ numerous responsibilities are purchasing and maintaining the district’s plumbing systems, while keeping student needs and efficient use of taxpayer and community funds top of mind. When the time came to replace aging fixtures and equipment, Phillips selected durable, reliable plumbing products.

The Research

Phillips, a registered architect with his own practice since 1987, researched several brands, developing a rigorous set of standards to compare products. “The reality is we need responsible, practical, economical choices that make sense for the long term,” Phillips said. “If we’re investing in new equipment, we need to know it has a long life cycle, with minimal maintenance requirements.”

After extensive research and a meeting with a Moen Commercial representative, the school district began replacing its existing faucet and flush valve fixtures with the company’s M•Power sensor-operated flush valves and faucets in four buildings.

“I was familiar with Moen from residential projects I had completed at my own firm,” Phillips said. “Once I learned about the value of Moen Commercial’s offerings, including their lower lifetime cost, I knew they were the right choice.”

The Solution

The district’ first installation took place in 2012. To date, approximately 480 Moen Commercial products have been installed throughout four buildings, with additional installations planned for the remaining buildings over the next two years.

Phillips chose Moen Commercial for the quality and durability of the flush valves, and its self- cleaning piston technology. “M•Power doesn’t have a rubber diaphragm or other components that will wear out and need to be replaced, which can save the district money over the life of the flush valve,” Phillips said. “Since the M•Power flush valves function at a variety of water pressures, I never have to worry about costly sewer backup problems. Because the flush valves can accommodate such variances, we know we’ll be able to push everything out of the system and keep our lines clear.”

The sanitary protection — and environmental benefits — of M•Power were a deciding factor for CCSD 15, as well. Since the flush valves and faucets utilize advanced sensor technology, students don’t have to touch the fixtures to activate them, helping to keep restrooms cleaner. According to Phillips, with more laws requiring water conservation, facilities are placing greater emphasis on installing water-efficient products.

The Results

Since the first installation, Phillips and the district have been pleased with the performance of Moen Commercial’s products, especially the financial benefits. M•Power has provided significant savings on the district’s sewer and water bills — reducing their monthly costs by nearly 50 percent, compared to the previous fixtures.