Daylighting Dimmer

Soluatube International Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs), recently introduced a Daylight Dimmer for its SkyVault Series. The SkyVault Series, featuring the largest TDD yet with a 29-inch diameter, is specifically designed for high-bay commercial applications, including auditoriums, sports arenas, gymnasiums, meeting spaces, convention centers, warehouses and more. While SkyVault’s main purpose is to provide an abundant amount of daylight to large spaces or direct it for task lighting, there are instances where dimming capabilities are needed, such as presentations, movies, plays, concerts and dramatic effect such as introducing a sports team. The Daylight Dimmer features Solatube’s patented butterfly baffle designed to ensure even light distribution throughout the space, reduced “flares” when opening or closing, near total black-out when fully closed and is lined with the company’s Spectralight Infinity material to maximize light transfer when open.