Rededication Ceremony Held for Texas Elementary School

By Lisa Kopochinski

League City, Texas – On September 5, a rededication ceremony was held to commemorate the reopening of League City Elementary School in League, Texas. The new campus is a replacement of the original 57-year-old building and will house 900 students in pre-K to fifth grade.

VLK Architects was the architect on the $43 million newly designed League City Elementary School, which involved a deliberate process to consider the community’s needs. Drymalla Construction Company was the general contractor.

The site—rich with Oak trees—now uses outdoor areas to involve both students and adults in the learning process. The intentional incorporation of the existing skate park and an outdoor science habitat are two aspects of the new school that invite League City, as a community, to be part of the new building.

The vision for this campus was to bring the world to League City and the students,” said Clear Creek ISD Superintendent Greg Smith. “I’m confident when I say ‘mission accomplished’ here at League City Elementary School.”

Additional outdoor spaces dedicated to art, science and engineering/STEM classrooms have both grass and hard surfaces for healthy educational and recreational experiences. The replacement school is designed to help facilitate district learning expectations, as well as offer opportunities for community involvement.

“The rededication ceremony was especially heartwarming,” said VLK Principal Melissa Fleming. “It was a ‘welcome home’ celebration for many generations, past and present. To see the current students so excited to show off their new school was very special. That is what school architecture is all about.”

Clear Creek Independent School District is the 29th largest school district in Texas and spans two counties and 13 municipalities in the southeast Houston area. The district—which has approximately 5,000 employees and serves more than 41,000 students—has 45 campuses consisting of 26 elementary, 10 intermediate, six high schools, and three alternative high schools.