Bowl Chair

Lina Bo Bardi’s brilliance in art and design wasn’t publicly recognized until after her death in 1992. Described by Rowan Moore as “the most underrated architect of the 20th century,” Bo Bardi designed Bowl Chair in 1951 with an adjustable semispherical form that rests on a metallic ring and four legs. The design never got introduced to the public until 64 years later by Italian design company Arper. Working closely with Bo Bardi’s foundation Instituto Lina Bo e P.M. Bardi, Arper has captured the emotion and innovation of the design with new colors and materials, giving a fresh and contemporary flair to the more than half country old wonder. For Fall 2019, Bowl Chair is introduced in three new shades — sandy, shiny blue and iridescent brown and can be complemented with monochrome or color block fabric cushions for a range of contract settings.