Unique Spectator Seating

Michigan-based seating manufacturer, Interkal, has formally announced the launch of POLARIS, a unique spectator seating option combining both a bench and chair.

Interkal’s POLARIS offers a combination of comfort and structural integrity, suitable for stadium and arena seating. The backrest has just the right amount of elasticity and lumbar support to ensure a comfortable patron experience. POLARIS utilizes double walled blow-molding. This design is both comfortable and durable.

Available in matching or contrasting colors, the contoured, blow-molded components offer unsurpassed comfort in a 13.5” (343mm) deep bench seat. POLARIS is a useful addition to any institution looking for an upgraded seating option with wide deck platforms, offering a variety of solutions to satisfy the new wave of spectators, sports, and other events. To support the dynamic needs of facilities, wide deck platforms are offered with retractable operation.  Power-operated platforms allow you to set up for use or close the system with the push of a button.