Visual Signal Alarm

Pfannenberg, Inc. recently unveiled its PY L-S color changing LED visual signal alarm with four selectable colors, part of the PYRA® product family, an addition to real-time people flow control and COVID-19 monitoring systems. The PY L-S, when paired with thermal imaging cameras, can comprise a skin surface temperature monitoring system that can flag individuals with elevated temperatures for further health screening. Useful in manufacturing facilities, office buildings, commercial centers, schools, medical centers, and many other settings, such monitoring systems can aid in ensuring infection containment and community health and safety through its color changing blinking and flashing mechanism.

The PY L-S LED Visual Signal Alarm offers flexible, ultra-bright, color changing or single-color LED technology in four selectable colors and convey normal and irregular activity. What’s more, the alarm features three selectable signaling modes: continuous, blinking, and flashing. This signaling device offers a 180° x 360° visible field and can be easily integrated into a number of different monitoring systems, including skin temperature sensing with thermal imaging cameras.