Air Purification System

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has introduced Armstrong’s new VidaShield UV24™ Air Purification System, an in-ceiling system that improves indoor air quality by using patented ultraviolet light (UV-C) air cleaning technology to continuously clean and reduce the level of pathogens in a room’s air.

The Armstrong VidaShield UV24 System integrates a UV-C air purification system from Medical Illumination International Inc.(MI) with Ultima® Health Zone™ or School Zone™ Fine Fissured™ ceiling panels to offer safe, unobtrusive, in-room air purification for cleaner air. For a unified ceiling visual and enhanced air quality throughout a space, the system coordinates with new Ultima® Health Zone™ AirAssure™ panels.

The 2′ x 4′ products operate continuously to draw air into a sealed, self-contained, concealed chamber behind the ceiling panel where the air is treated with ultraviolet light air-cleaning technology. Ultra-quiet fans then recirculate the treated air back into the room. As MI studies demonstrate, the system neutralizes 97 percent of infectious pathogens in aerosols on the first pass of air.

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions