Acoustic Panels

Luxxbox has introduced Waffle Discs and Waffle Disc Backlit, a series of colorful disc-shaped acoustic panels suited for modern, collaborative spaces.

As K-12 and university students return to the classroom it’s important for designers and school administrators to evaluate simple ways to mitigate stress levels and increase concentration for learning. The Waffle Disc series, which can be specified with an LED backlit, helps reduce intrusive noises that distract students in the classroom – improving the educational experience for both the student and the teacher.

The key features of Waffle Disc include: Highly effective sound absorption; Available in 2 patterns, 4 different sizes, and a choice of over 40 colors to mix and match; Acoustic materials are 100% recyclable and manufactured from recycled content; Classic pure wool upholstery fabric; Wall-mounted installation. The Waffle Disc Backlit is equipped with an LED light to add extra lighting to a space.