Acoustic Baffle

Kirei, a provider of innovative design materials for interiors, has announced the launch of Simple Baffle +, a dynamic acoustic product to help designers and architects make spaces sound as good as they look.

Featuring six iconic new shape variants (Lipstick, Capsule, Cutout, Pointed, Spline, Void) and available in 33 solid colorways, these baffles turn any ceiling into a visual landscape. As an expansion of the existing Simple Baffle, one of Kirei’s most popular products, Simple Baffle + allows for easy specification of unique profiles while delivering inspiration for designer’s custom ideas. Customization options include mixing and matching baffle profiles, flipping and rotating shapes, abutting baffles, and creating any custom profile the designer can envision.

All Simple Baffle + profiles are 11.5” tall and come in 40”, 48”, 72”, and 96” lengths with custom sizes available. The adjustable Baf Track™ hardware makes these acoustic ceiling products easy to install, level, and align in any space.