University of Denver Debuts Three New Venues

By Eric Althoff

DENVER—The University of Denver has officially taken possession of a trio of new structures at the campus located in the Colorado capital city. The three buildings were built in phases during the covid-19 pandemic, when instructors and students were largely remote.

The new buildings entail a career center, community commons and first-year residence hall. The buildings were designed, respectively, by Lake|Flato of San Antonio, Moore Rubel Yudell of Santa Monica, California, and Anderson Mason Dale Architects of Denver.

The various architectural teams met the challenge of ensuring the new buildings would fit into the campus aesthetic of Richardsonian construction, dating back to when the school’s initial buildings were first built in the late-19th century.

“For the Community Commons, our team worked closely with DU to build inclusive and welcoming environments that promote cultural awareness and empathy as part of daily life and create a sense of belonging,” Jeanne Chen, principal with Moore Ruble Yudell, said in an email.

“Our built environments have the potential to contribute to a more equitable and interconnected society in the ways we engage each other and the kinds of spaces we create.”

Added Erin Hillhouse, principal with Anderson Mason Dale Architects, who designed the Design new first-year residence hall: “A recent national study found that 64% of college students struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation. These feelings can contribute to drop-out rates, which are especially high for first-generation students, one-quarter of whom leave college after their first year.

“The primary challenge of the Dimond Family Residential Village was to help residents form connections with one another to counteract these trends.”