Transform Spaces Using COVID Relief (ESSER) Funds

By SCN Staff

COVID relief funds can be used towards adaptable, ergonomic, and sustainable furniture solutions – allowing for the creation of agile learning environments.

VS America’s agile furniture gives educators the freedom to easily create spaces for every type of learning style. Agility means that spaces can easily be configured for any need, including physical distancing if necessary. It also means that whatever new challenges or opportunities the future brings, learning spaces can be easily configured to meet them, making them effectively future-proof.

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Muscle activity = nourishment for the brain

Scientific studies show that rigid chair-table combinations lead to serious pressures on physical and mental development and health. Constantly sitting still leads to a standstill, physically and mentally.

With VS’ ergonomic, agile furniture, students can sit dynamically and experience physical, mental, and developmental benefits.

Comfort supports focus and well-being

Listening to what students need is an important factor in fostering engagement in the classroom. When students are comfortable in their furniture, they are more relaxed. And that’s when they do their best work. The students in VS’ latest video explain why it’s important to listen to their needs.

VS America’s agile furniture ties into the COVID-19 relief (ESSER) funds under the following allowable use categories:

  • Providing mental health services and supports
  • Improving facilities to reduce the risk of virus transmission
  • Addressing student learning loss
  • Addressing the unique needs of disadvantaged populations

Curious to learn more? Find more details here.

These categories are included in both the Consolidated Appropriations Act (passed December 2020) and the American Rescue Plan (passed March 2021).

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Give students every opportunity

Taking care of students is at the heart of it all – and at VS, we know that learning spaces have a long-term impact on students’ physical, mental, and social well-being. Let’s create learning spaces that embody dynamic flexibility, healthy ergonomics, and compassion. Learn how VS’ agile furniture supports student well-being.

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Need to furnish classrooms fast? 

VS offers agile furniture that is available fast to meet current learning environment needs. QuickShip products arrive fully assembled so they can be put to use immediately.

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