Anti-Viral Flooring

CBC Flooring (CBC) has announced the introduction of Mature AdVantage, an anti-viral and anti-microbial commercial flooring making it the perfect solution for education and any other application requiring extra protection without sacrificing visual beauty.

Although TOLI Mature has been a multi-generational product for healthcare and assisted living, Mature AdVantage’s added anti-viral protection now make it a practical and value-added solution for other applications including offices, dormitories, early education, and more.

The anti-viral properties of Mature AdVantage are not just a coating but an integral part of the ClearGuard wear layer and will continue to perform as long as the wear layer remains intact.  Furthermore, its low-profile texture and unique ClearGuard technology combine to deliver a hygienic and attractive flooring solution that stands up to high-traffic environments for decades without the use of waxes or polishes.  And its mechanically embossed backing provides superior bonding to the subfloor.

Mature AdVantage is available in 35 wood, stone, and textile visuals with coordinating weld threads.  Twenty-five of the visuals cross over to the Mature Select product line but, as designers and end users requested, Mature AdVantage has a lower gloss level than Mature Select.  And Mature AdVantage is part of the TOLI Coordination System which links all TOLI product lines together through color allowing for the ideal product selection while enhancing the creativity and continuity of design.

CBC Flooring