Concrete Floor Solution

Bona US recently launched the Bona Commercial System Concrete Floor Solution – a new product line to renovate indoor concrete floors. The offering is an expansion of the Bona Commercial System product line and is specially formulated for indoor, ventilated concrete floors.

The system uses a clear coat protective finish that creates a flat, monolithic surface which is free of cracks or crevices. Therefore, germs and dirt can be more easily removed, making for a healthier floor and facility. And, because the floor never needs polishing, the facility no longer needs to use harsh chemicals typically used in the polishing process thus improving the indoor air quality and the wastewater system.

“Similar to our renewal system for resilient floors, we can save educational facilities significant downtime and money particularly with the labor shortages and school facility budget cuts in the industry,” said Dave Posey, National Sales Manager – Facility Solutions, Bona US.

Bona is a global, sustainably driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining, and restoring premium floors (including sports flooring) for educational and other facilities.