Durable PURELL® Dispenser

GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® products, recently launched the PURELL® CS4 All-Weather Dispensing System. Traditional dispensing solutions are generally designed for indoor settings. This cutting-edge dispenser enables commercial buyers to confidently offer hand sanitizer and hand soap in outdoor or high-traffic areas where vandalism may occur. The dispenser is made of engineered resin that is over three times stronger than materials used in most dispensers.

Its innovative design is water-resistant to help keep the rain out and deter vandalism or refill theft, and its special graphite paint makes it resistant to UV fading so that it will maintain its performance and appearance in a wide range of extreme conditions and temperatures (-40°F – 122°F). It has a large and durable sight window to make it easier to see when a refill is needed and helps reduce labor and maintenance costs. In K-12 Schools or Higher Education, suggested uses are restrooms or other high-traffic areas, including outdoor walkways and quads, outdoor dining, stadiums, gyms, playgrounds, bus ramps, and other pain point locations in a school.

GOJO Industries