Custom PET Panels

Kirei, a provider of innovative, eco-friendly design materials for commercial interiors, has launched the Biophilia Collection for Kirei Ink, custom-printed acoustic recycled PET panels and products that speak volumes without making a sound.

From beautiful botanicals to landscape-inspired prints, the print patterns of Kirei Ink’s Biophilia Collection transform spaces into healthier, more inviting atmospheres that highlight the beauty of nature without sacrificing sound quality. Designers can choose from six print options — Clear Water, Tea Leaf, Succulent Wall, Sandstorm, Cut Stems, and Tree Rings — to add a subtle elegance with the pattern of smooth shifts in the sand or cut out distracting echoes with flourishes of flora. Whether a custom design or a print from the collection, Kirei Ink’s Biophilia Collection refreshes any interior space with new life and a moment of zen.

Kirei Ink is 100% customizable and printed in-house so that any print can be applied to Kirei’s products, including baffles, clouds, wall tiles, and more. Kirei Ink’s customization gives designers endless possibilities – from solid custom colors and patterns to wayfinding and logos – to reduce noise in any interior space in thoughtful new ways. The Biophilia Collection is the fourth of the four collections launched as a part of Kirei Ink.

Kirei Ink is printed on PET felt panels made from 60% post-consumer recycled PET, diverting hundreds of plastic water bottles per panel. Additionally, Kirei Ink panels come with numerous environmental certifications, including Declare Label (Red List Free), HPD, and Low-VOC.