Cassette Wall Cladding

RHEINZINK and its partners offer a choice of architectural zinc materials fabricated into single-skin large-format cassette panels and engineered for installation on façade and wall cladding systems. Projects benefit from the natural metal’s sustainably processed, infinitely recyclable material and a lifespan of up to 100 years or more. The zinc surface responds to its environment with a dynamic patina that evolves through the decades. At the end of its use on a building, the zinc material is 100% recyclable, maximizing cradle-to-cradle benefits.

Cassette wall panels made with RHEINZINK’s architectural zinc material are fabricated and manufactured under factory-controlled conditions. The panels are manufactured with 20GA 1.0mm or heavier gauge, sustainable zinc alloy. Larger format panels utilize 16GA 1.5mm RHEINZINK architectural zinc material.

The cassette wall panels are manufactured to fit the structure, which saves labor in the field and eases the installation process. Delivered to the jobsite, the façade contractor installs the panels on an engineered support system with a concealed fastening system.