Tim Shimp

Dr. Tim Shimp has joined DLR Group as educational learning designer. He works with design teams and clients to ensure teaching and learning objectives are met through the built learning environment.

Dr. Shimp touts a 30-year career as an educator, 10 of which he spent as a superintendent. He’s touched nearly every facet of the K-12 Education system, and the knowledge and leadership he brings will have an immediate impact on the firm’s K-12 Education sector.

“Tim brings an educational experience that is invaluable,” remarked DLR Group Principal Dr. Marilyn Denison. “His shared experience as an educator and administrator allows him to resonate with and serve our clients. He’s been in their shoes and now gets to sit on the other side, helping them through the process. He creates an environment that encourages professional learning opportunities and mind stretching.”

In his former role as superintendent, Dr. Shimp played an important part in advocating for future-ready learning spaces through his own research. He has presented this topic at local and national conferences. Dr. Shimp has also facilitated and overseen educational facilities master plans, both with short-term and long-term focuses to address a variety of issues that faced the districts he served.