Eclipse Viewing Eyewear

Eclipse Glasses USA, a leading provider of high-quality solar eclipse viewing eyewear, has announced a donation of 500 pairs of ISO certified eclipse glasses to the Walden School of Liberal Arts, located in Provo, Utah. This collaboration aims to provide students with a safe and memorable opportunity to witness the upcoming October 2023 annular eclipse, which will mark the final US west coast eclipse until 2045.

Eclipse Glasses USA has consistently demonstrated its commitment to promoting safe and accessible astronomical experiences for schools and school districts across the US. With the October 2023 annular eclipse just around the corner, the company recognizes the importance of enabling students to engage with this natural wonder while prioritizing their safety.

The October 2023 annular eclipse, often referred to as the “Ring of Fire” eclipse, promises to captivate onlookers in Utah as the moon partially covers the sun, creating a stunning ring-like effect. As this eclipse event marks the final occurrence of a US west coast eclipse until 2045, Eclipse Glasses USA’s donation holds immense value in enriching the students’ educational journey and nurturing their interest in astronomy for decades to come.

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