Box Opener & Marker

The box cutter in your old tool chest is about to be retired from service and replaced by the new Box Claw™ from C.H. Hanson® and El Marko®.

Those risky old box cutters, featuring dangerous razor blades, are finally being upgraded to a better way of slicing through packing tape, reinforced tape, plastic wrapping and a variety of other packaging materials.

Prioritizing user safety without compromising performance, The Box Claw’s patented design features a carefully engineered retractable bladeless claw mechanism that efficiently grabs and slices through packaging tape. It allows for a controlled and secure cutting experience, while considerably reducing the risk of accidental injuries to users or damage to merchandise that sometimes happens with bladed box openers.

Ideal for use by both the lay person at home and professionals in commercial settings, the Box Claw also includes a welcome added feature and layer of versatility with its El Marko chiseled tip marker.

The permanent black chiseled tipped marker – located on the opposite end from the bladeless claw – is quick drying and smudge resistant and can be used on nearly all surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, concrete, leather and vinyl. The cap features a tight seal for a long-life and a built-in pocket clip for easy access.

C.H. Hanson