Durable Pocket Light

NEBO addresses this demand by introducing the Nano Luxtreme Pocket Light, a breakthrough in compact lighting solutions. This pocket-sized illuminator, designed to fit into the pockets of jackets or pants effortlessly, is poised to shed light on myriad tasks and scenarios.

Setting a new benchmark, the Nano Luxtreme Pocket Light boasts an impressive 328-yard light beam within an ultra-compact framework. Its USB-C rechargeable functionality, coupled with Smart Power Control, seamlessly transitions through five distinct light modes: Turbo (420 lumens for 30 seconds), High (80 lumens for 2 hours), Medium (40 lumens for 3.5 hours), Low (12 lumens for 8 hours), and Strobe (5 hours).

Operational simplicity is a hallmark of the Nano Luxtreme Pocket Light, featuring a side-positioned backlit button with a power indicator. The device is powered by an internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery, facilitating a swift 1.5-hour recharge time.

Noteworthy is its compact physical dimensions – a mere 3.35 inches in length, 1 inch in width, and 1 inch in diameter, with a weight of merely 0.08 pounds. The Nano Luxtreme Pocket Light is crafted from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; it is water- and impact-resistant, ensuring durability in various environments.

Whether on the move, in outdoor settings, or at a worksite, the NEBO Nano Luxtreme Pocket Light emerges as a beacon of illumination, encapsulated in a petite package ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.