An Event Designed Around Educational Solutions

SARASOTA, Fla. — The 12th Education Facilities Management Forum, an educational networking event for senior education facilities executives, takes place in Atlanta April 29-30. The forum is part of Forum Networking Events long list of meetings that include, but are not limited to health care and education markets. The upcoming event is unlike any other “trade show” in comparison. Here, attendees have a chance to sit down face-to-face with potential clients, business partners and suppliers and lay their plans out during a scheduled meeting time.

From the pre-organized, one-on-one meetings with the industry’s leading solution providers, to educational workshops, Education Facilities Forum provides its attendees with an opportunity to explore the latest innovations and best practices, connect with industry leaders and organize solutions in a stress-free environment. This year the event is taking place at Atlanta’s Airport Marriot Hotel.

Past attendees have given credit to the organization of Forum Networking Events and the impact the two-day event can have for the entire year. Attendees are able to customize a list of meetings with the help of the event staff in order to get the most out of the day and speak to necessary decision-makers for each attendee’s individual industry goals. Many past attendees also credited the environment at the event, which mimics a speed-dating format but with a focus on education. The attendees are able to meet and review a wide range of solution providers in just two days without the hard-sell environment that many experience at industry events throughout the year.

Suppliers, school districts, universities and education officials alike will be in attendance at the forum in April, and free registration is still open for those interested. Register for the event in order to utilize the networking capabilities that the forum brings to industry leaders.

In case April is a busy month for you — Forum Networking Events offers other events throughout the year and all over the country. Learn more by visiting Forum Networking Events and find out if an upcoming event fits your schedule this year.