Brookdale Community College Updates Flooring Within Tight Timeline

LINCROFT, N.J. — The Gillespie Group, based in East Brunswick, N.J., recently installed new flooring in the Counseling, Admission and Registration Building at the Lincroft campus of Brookdale Community College. The commercial flooring provider was able to complete the installation within a two-week holiday break before students returned to school.

The previous carpet in the building was severely worn, and the community college administration found it had a tendency to wear when subjected to the amount of foot traffic that the admissions building gets. As the school looked for a more durable type of flooring, they realized several of the potential flooring alternatives required extensive installation times. However, this project needed to be completed in less than two weeks.

The Gillespie Group proposed the school install Nora Rubber Flooring, made from sustainable raw materials. The flooring provides slip resistance, walking comfort and has acoustic values, and can maintain its appearance for more than 20 years. The school ultimately selected the product based on its durability, ease of maintenance and resistance to staining.

“While the initial cost of vinyl tile may be lower than Nora flooring, its lifetime installed cost tends to be considerably higher due to maintenance and upkeep requirements,” said John Gillespie, VP of operations for The Gillespie Group, in a statement.

The greatest challenge on the project was the less-than-two-week timeframe that The Gillespie Group had to install the flooring before students returned from holiday break. The project team worked on some detailed pre-planning to get the work done in time.

“Everything needed for the installation was pre-purchased and staged,” Gillespie said in a statement. “We had everything we needed and in place to begin the project before the students had even left campus.”

The Gillespie Group started the installation process the day students left for break and completed all critical phases of the project before they returned. The final phase, which included the installation of Nora Rubber Treads, was completed over the course of two days without inconveniencing the returning students.

The school administration also awarded The Gillespie Group an additional contract to install Nora Rubber Flooring in the campus’ 1,000-square-foot Campus Security Building.