ABM Launches Energy Program for Oglethorpe County Schools

By Roxanne Squires

LEXINGTON, Ga. — Leading provider of facility solutions, ABM, has launched an Energy Performance Contracting program for Oglethorpe County Schools in Lexington, Ga., which will generate savings on energy costs and contribute to facility upgrades throughout the county’s school system.

ABM’s made-to-order solution will assist Oglethorpe County in achieving several large infrastructure and capital upgrades that Beverley Levine, superintendent of the Oglethorpe County School System said they probably would not have been able to fund for several years.

The program will bring these facility additions and improvements with no upfront costs, while also producing what is projected to be more than $9.4 million in energy and operating costs throughout a 20-year period.

Energy efficiency improvements of the facilities will include retrofitting lighting systems to LED lighting, upgrades to all HVAC systems as well as installing state-of-the-art HVAC control systems, improved ventilation systems, roofing reparation, water conservation systems and installation of hand dryers across the entire school system.

ABM Technical Solutions President Mark Newsome said that the program will benefit students by enhancing their educational and extra-curricular activities.

This includes the installation of LED lighting systems at the high school’s baseball and softball fields, allowing the school to host its first after-dark games. The project will also provide funding for a new track, new scoreboards with advertisement opportunities at the football and soccer stadium as well as the softball and baseball fields. Furthermore, there will be renovations to the home and visitors field houses and concession stands, along with repairs to the bleachers.

There are also plans to build a large performing arts classroom by merging to two classrooms and installing new flooring, a ceiling and moving its existing electrical system.

Oglethorpe County School System formerly planned to postpone the upgrades until a bond had been paid in full in 2023, but a meeting with ABM representatives made school administrators realize they would be able to use the savings to address their facility needs immediately. Levine stated that ABM’s expertise provided the county with a financial solution to ultimately improve their students’ learning environment and athletic facilities.

The project launched on May 1, and is expected for completion in April 2019.