SVA Architects Delivers Unique Design for Fremont Middle School Conversion

FREMONT, Calif. — SVA Architects has teamed with Fremont Unified School District to redesign Horner Middle School in Fremont. The school is converting from a junior high to a middle school serving nearly 2,000 students.

What started as a modernization and expansion project eventually evolved into a redesign of the entire campus, demonstrating SVA Architects’ innovation and solutions-driven approach to delivering optimal design.

Upon studying the master plan, budget and constraints of the Horner Middle School Conversion project, the design team realized that a completely new campus could be created within the budget, using innovative site development and design. In the first phase, currently underway, the existing campus operations are continuing as normal while new buildings are being constructed on the playfields. During the second phase, the staff and students will relocate to the new buildings, and the existing buildings will be demolished and replaced with new athletic fields. Construction is anticipated to be complete in 2020.

Robert Simons, AIA, president of SVA Architects, stated, “The opportunity to bring Horner Middle School the latest technology, while accommodating the increase in enrollment as it transitions, was a very rewarding challenge! Horner is now ready to greet current needs, and is prepared to meet anticipated growth. It was a pleasure working with a solutions-orientated team!”

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