Compact Sleeping Solution

The Sleep Capsule from Kotobuki Group is a customizable, compact solution that provides a peaceful, safe, and private sleep sanctuary for use in various settings including university and college dormitories or nap/study rooms. Sleep capsules are designed and oriented for optimal privacy— with integrated soundproofing and ventilation, each capsule is comfortable and airy while not compromising their discrete nature. Ensuring easy maintenance, the capsule’s walls are smooth and scratch-resistant, free from any protrusions such as nails or screws. Additionally, fireproof aluminum panels are used for wall and ceiling materials inside the unit, providing a high level of fire-safety. Sleep Capsules are flexible and scalable, with multiple layout and size options that can be specifically tailored to an institution’s needs. Each unit can be specified with LED lighting, a built-in alarm clock, televisions, power outlets, tables and shelves, mirrors, under-unit storage, drink holders, hooks and lock boxes.

Kotobuki Group