Innovative Tile Collection

Artaic, a design manufacturer that creates artistic mosaics using innovative robotic technology, has announced the launch of the Quad Collection. Featuring intricate mosaic alignments, the collection showcases a wide array of tile geometries through the use of innovative compositions. The collection can be used in grid style, classic, and modular alignments. Inspired by the properties of Artaic’s Vitreous Glass and Glazed Porcelain tile lines, the collection can be custom fit to any wall, floor, ceiling, pool, or exterior facade.

The Glazed Porcelain tile similarly provides a sophisticated style and quality that is both highly durable, especially for wet surfaces, and priced competitively. With the Quad collection, client’s can leverage their preferred tile type to create a plethora of inspiring compositions such as Pinwheel, Classic, Brick, Domino, Weave, Ribbon, Block, Squared, Tetra, Check Mate, Herringbone, and more.