Transparent Room Dividers

Palmer Hamilton has added a new Covid-19 safety product to its portfolio of economical pandemic solutions. As an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of educational furnishings, Palmer Hamilton’s Room Dividers give school campuses options to help increase safety in common spaces. Palmer Hamilton has created transparent and portable room dividers that create a barrier, helping to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The easy-to-assemble dividers also offer compact storage that free up valuable floor space to create wider and safer paths. The unique base design allows for tighter configurations, reducing trip hazards. The small footprint, hazard-mitigating design and ability to decrease the spread of the coronavirus, demonstrates that the Palmer Hamilton Room Dividers cover many aspects of safety in educational settings.

Ideal for classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, reception desks and principal’s offices, Palmer Hamilton’s Room Dividers are practical and useful where there is face to face contact, high traffic and groups of people. The adaptability of the dividers makes it suitable for a variety of spaces on any campus.

Palmer Hamilton