Acoustic Tile System

Kirei has announced the launch of EchoTile Racetrack, an acoustic tile system that allows designers and architects to create iconic feature walls faster than ever.

Developed in collaboration with renowned designer Michael DiTullo, the modular system of EchoTile Racetrack allows users to instantly make nearly infinite amounts of feature walls in a variety of aesthetics. With beveled edges, each EchoTile Racetrack tile is forgiving and easy to install on less than perfect walls. No matter the size of the space, EchoTile Racetrack scales with a spec as easy as its timeless design.

The six tile styles (Path, Tee, Intersection, Double Curve, Curve, and Plane) seamlessly align with one another to create beautifully distinct looks. The varied paths, curves, and intersections of EchoTile Racetrack provide designers with all the tools needed to quickly and easily specify unique design elements for impactful, dynamic spaces. Designers can choose between creating wild patterns or calming designs while improving occupant well-being through EchoTile Racetrack’s health certifications and acoustic properties.

EchoTile Racetrack is made from EchoPanel®, a registered trademark of Woven Image®. It is a low VOC, Red List Free material with published ingredient transparency through Declare and third-party certification by Global GreenTag.