Georgia State Continues Various Revamps

By Eric Althoff

ATLANTA—Macallan Construction, which is based in Marietta, Georgia, has its hands full with a slate of projects at Georgia State, located in the state capital city of Atlanta.

Macallan’s recent work has included renovating and adding on to the university’s library.  The addition entailed a new staircase, elevators to the second level as well as a brand-new lobby.  To realize the project, the contractor first had to demolish two nearby facilities, Kell Hall and North Plaza.  However, the addition now allows for seamless egress from Library North to the campus’s new greenway.

Architect Collins Cooper Carusi of Atlanta designed the addition of the library addition to be clad in glass so as to allow natural “reading light” into the interior.  The architect also selected earth tones for the addition to match the library’s overall aesthetic.

Macallan has also expanded Georgia State’s Robinson School of Business.  The contractor renovated nearly 30,000 square feet of space so that new classrooms and office space could be added to the building’s 11th and 12th floors.  Also added were new meeting areas, break rooms and a new lighted staircase that connects to the 12th floor atrium.

Acoustic panels, glass doors and windows for the business school were designed by architect CBRE Heery.

In addition to its work at the school’s library and expansion of its Robinson School of Business, Macallan Construction has other projects at the campus.

One such project, in collaboration with architect Houser Walker Architecture, involves transforming a squash court into an expansion of the athletic center’s current weight room facility. Additionally, the second floor of the current weight room will be turned into a storage space and office support area for the university’s student recreation center.

At the athletic center, Macallan has also updated the gym’s check-in area and reworked the building’s swing gate.

On the outside football practice field, Macallan has installed an ice station and drink station.  The contractor also updated the field’s windscreen and graphics capabilities.

Macallan is based in Marietta, Georgia, which is located in Atlanta’s northwest suburbs.