Massachusetts Elementary Continues Revamp

By Eric Althoff

AMESBURY, Mass.—The Sgt. Jordan Shay Memorial Lower Elementary School continues its upgrade, with Phase 2 of the project at the adjacent Cashman Elementary wrapping up this winter.

CTA Construction Managers has linked up the two schools by replacing an exterior retaining wall and providing for an exit from the school’s north-facing side. Other work on the outside entailed fashioning new sidewalks and temporary stairs for a safe egress while the re-grading continues in the months to come.

According to a recent release, the foundations at Shay Memorial are nearing completion, as is the removal of 25,000 cubic yards of “fill” so that the final ground grading can be accomplished. Utility work was accomplished last summer during a break.

CTA has worked on the school project alongside structural engineer Foley Buhl Roberts & Associates, Inc., as well as architectural firm DiNisco Design.

In a recent statement, CTA Project Manager Ed Pereira said that shortly, “we expect to perform ongoing earthmoving operations, continue with site utility structures and piping, as well as commence installation of the building’s structural steel frame.” That work is ongoing as the renovation continues.

CTA Construction Managers, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, provides both general contracting and construction management services to its client.