Acoustic Pendant

Luxxbox, a leading international designer of acoustic and flexible solutions, is excited to introduce Hemii, a round-formed acoustic light fixture offering powerful noise absorption capabilities with a classic PET dome structure.

With a minimalistic design, Hemii is ideal for expansive spaces such as large, shared commercial areas and open-office environments. The interior high-grade recycled PET material undergoes a thermo-form process that uses heat to mold its shape, creating a fixture that dramatically reduces the noise in open spaces. The fixtures are then encased in soft, biodegradable wool. This hand-upholstered exterior significantly increases the acoustic properties and complements other design features.

Available in 2 sizes (28” and 36” in diameter) and 51 beautiful exterior colorways. The pendant is crafted from wool and PET material, which is a dense polyester fiber that is manufactured from recycled plastics. Similar to all of Luxxbox’s product portfolio, Hemii is fully recyclable at the end of life. Hemii is also equipped with a lumen package of 4500K and power of 57W along with a high-performance dimmable circular edge-lit LED panel.