Pepper Construction Renovates Historic Ohio State Laboratory

By Eric Althoff

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Buckeye State’s own Pepper Construction will be realizing the renovation plans for the vaunted Goss Laboratory at the Ohio State University, located in the state’s capital city.

Pepper is serving as construction manager for the upgrade at Goss Laboratory, where it is fashioning new lab space and offices for the science center. According to a release from Pepper, the contractor’s work also entails redoing the HVAC system, repainting, updating floors and ceilings, as well as installing a machine for the sterilization of various lab instruments.

“We are honored to serve such a prominent organization dedicated to cancer research and are excited to play a part in providing a newly renovated laboratory for the talented Ohio State research professionals and students,” Paul Francois, President of Pepper Construction Company of Ohio, said in a statement from the builder.

Pepper Construction’s partners on the redesign include designer Davis Wince and engineering firm HAWA. The total amount of lab space being renovated is 7,500 square feet.

Pepper was named ENR’s 2019 Top Midwest Contractor. In addition to educational construction, their projects entail work in the hospitality, commercial and healthcare sectors.