Single-Person Workspace

Framery One is a single-person, soundproof workspace with a high-res touchscreen and user interface, giving users personal control over reservations, airflow, and lighting. A one-stop-shop for productivity, the pod includes a height adjustable stool, sit-to-stand desk, footrest, coat rack, surface charging, a power outlet, and a USB port, making it a fully equipped workspace for students.

In 2021, Framery One received a quality rating by the new ISO 23351-1 standard for sound insulation, meaning that users never have to worry about private conversations being overheard or disrupting those around the pod, even if placed near desks. The acoustic pod’s impressive ventilation keeps students feeling fresh and focused; in fact, the ventilation speed is 29 liters per second, over four times higher than what is recommended for occupied spaces. Framey One is primarily made of metal and 95% of the pod is recyclable.