Calypso Chimes

The Calypso Chimes by Percussion Play, are one of the most popular instruments made by the world leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments, due to their durability, beautiful finish, and the clear lively tone they produce with a lasting, resonant sustain. Rainbow-colored in anodized aluminum, the chimes are individually mounted to a stainless-steel post which can be installed into the ground, fixed to the surface or installed with an extended footer. The anodized aluminum polished finish will not chip, flake, or peel and is UV stable, making this a great choice to create a colorful addition to a playground, trail or garden.

These chimes are available as a set of six notes, a set of four notes, as individual solo chimes or as a Calypso Quatro Post. Delivery times are 6-8 weeks from order.

Percussion Play has created a range of beautiful outdoor musical instruments which are played across the world in schools, libraries, parks, hospitals and senior living communities.  From the popular Calypso Chimes to the Harmony Flowers., Percussion Play’s instruments are designed to bring people together to create uplifting music.

Percussion Play